Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Chamito ~ My New Nintendo DSi

After much war inside my head whether to get a PSP/ PSP Go or a DSi, I opted for the latter and let me tell you, I am not a bit regretful! I love my DSi!

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts

My friend Batch, brought me two boxes of KK's Original Glazed Donuts one day, it does satisfy my sweet tooth after just one donut, but I still think it's a bit too much sweet for me. 

My New Mango Watch

Reyes Barbecue

Their Sotanghon Soup is forgettable. It somehow lacks taste and wasn't served scorching hot.

Chum was intrigued by their Kinilaw na Tanigue, being a kinilaw lover himself. He went ahead and ordered it. It tasted fine to me, I only tried a few pieces of kinilaw, but Chum said the preparation wasn't that good.

Chum ordered their Pork Barbecue which I give two thumbs up! The pork was so tasty, moist and tender. One cup of rice wasn't enough for two sticks of their Pork Barbecue!

My main order was their Grilled Squid, have you noticed my fixation of this? I also ate Grilled Squid on our last Gerry's Grill pig out. Reyes's version is good, but compared to the Gerry's version, Gerry's has a more distinct taste and juiciness, but for the price, this Grilled Squid is good enough.

I don't think we'll be going back soon enough here, unless you guys can suggest anything else in their menu that can wow us?


BF's constant order is their crispy and juicy fried chicken! It's either original recipe or spicy. He also gets a LOT of gravy and almost makes the gravy a soup he pours onto his rice, hehe. :)

I always order their Famous Bowl or their Fully Loaded meal, so for something different, I ordered their Chicken Salad this time. Yes, it is a salad, but I'm not really convinced it's recommended for people on the diet.

I am also in love with their mushroom soup, I get amused that sometimes the mushroom bits on the bottom are humongous in size! I just wish they use tastier, better and more realistic croutons for this. Just saying.

My all time favorite french fries! They're thick, tasty and somewhat spicy, or maybe that's just me? :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Chum's Crab Rice

Featuring my BF's home made crab rice, loaded with premium crab paste, crab sticks, corn, carrots, green peas and of course, rice!

Now, which looks more delish, my BF's crab rice or the Gerry's Grill version of crab rice? Be honest. Ü

Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse

Tell me now, how does this make you feel?

Teriyaki Boy

My BF and I love anything Japanese, If you remember my sushi making session a while ago. I have been reading a lot of good feedback about Teriyaki Boy that it was bound for me and Chum to try what they have to offer and see if it passes our standards. Once seated, I couldn't help but notice how cramped the place was and how close the tables and chairs were together, nevertheless, we tried to just ignore it for the moment.

How can you not fall in love with their cool wallpaper! I found it so cute that for a moment I wanted my bed room to have the same walls. :)

While waiting for our orders, we were served their miso soup. I personally do not like miso soup that much, or the taste of miso itself, but I helped myself to a few sips. It was good and I liked it that the miso soup served had some seaweed and soft tofu too.

BF and I both tried their Seafood Teppanyaki, which was a LOT. I personally liked the coffee jelly and the kani salad, although it could use some more Japanese mayo, crab meat and fish roe, just saying.

Dynamite roll, whew, this surely was dynamite! It was crunchy, filling and spicy all at the same time. I'm tempted to try their other rolls next time!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gerry's Grill

Where to dine? That's what my BF and I always debate about when we go out. Where to dine? This time, in Gerry's Grill.

We all know their food may not be that affordable to all, but we'd rather spend a little bit more than waste money and time with bland food. Remember this?

We scanned through their menu and ordered, I somehow just don't like the yellowish lighting effect of their place, as you will see the following photos are yellowish, but anyway, I also loved their bamboo ceiling decoration and lights.

The drinks were served first, root beer for BF and fresh buko juice for me. I was sort of surprised when I saw that I was given the whole shell, hehe! Sadly, I think the coconut meat untouched inside was wasted. Do you ask for the crew to open it and scrape the meat though?

Chum doesn't like squid that much, but if it's grilled, well that's a different story. Gerry's Grill has great Grilled Squid, I tell you! The squid meat was soft, not chewy, and it had a hint of sweetness which was just the right flavor. Loved this one!

I ordered their Crab Rice, we were told that this was good for 2 people, but I didn't expected it to be this much! On the taste though, it didn't astound me, personally, the crab rice my BF makes is still way better, but this will do.

Lastly, their sisig is to die for! Crunchy, plenty, but also high in cholesterol! BF got a little bit dizzy after eating this, Can't say eating oily food is good, but you just can't deprive yourself all the time, get my drift?

Will we go back? Of course, when I'm craving again for their yummy grilled squid!

The Kebab Factory

My friend, Batch and I decided to meet up a few weeks ago for some pig out session/ girl bonding and weekend shopping in Megamall, she picked the place where we would eat, so off we went to The Kebab Factory.

We actually kind of had a hard time deciding what to order since I didn't do any research beforehand on what are their best sellers, so I guess we just relied on our instincts, hehe. While waiting for our food, I just kept on looking at their cute lights that I just knew I had to take a photo of it. Oh, and if you ever see their chairs, their chairs are so gorgeous!

Their Iced Tea was heaven sent! It had a hint of a sweet syrup at every sip and the good thing about it, it's bottomless! The crew was always efficient in refilling our tall glasses every now and then.

Batch and I shared an order of Cheese Samosa, it came with a mint dip. Bad thing though, the mint wasn't minty at all. Heh, but anyway, at least the Cheese Samosa made up for it. The outside was crunchy and the inside was gooey. I think this would be good for snacking too.

Have you guys ever tried Hummus? Batch ordered one with some pita bread. The taste was OK, I just couldn't make myself fall in love with the taste. I guess I'm just not used to the taste, hehe, but it was nothing offending, my taste buds just weren't wowed, I think.

I can't remember the exact name, but I think Batch ordered their Onion and Tomato Salad, which for me was pretty much a shawarma minus the pita wrap. It was good, but not that great, I wished it had a few more chicken bits though.

I was undecided between their kebabs and shawarma, but since I don't get to eat kebabs that much, I gave in and ordered their Chicken Mast Kebab. This was good for 2. It's good that their food is meant for sharing because of the serving quantity. Oh, and I must tell you, their Chicken Mast Kebab was moist, tender and full of flavor!

Their Saffron Rice was at least good for 2 people, which was good 'cause Batch and I shared. I don't quite know how to explain the taste but it was buttery, sort of fluffy and melts in your mouth.

Our bill came and then we realized it wasn't cheap dining. In the end I think it maybe all worth it because the food was good, service was fast and customer friendly. We definitely will be coming back for more of our BFF bonding!

Sizzling Plate

Sizzling Plate has always intrigued me, food served piping hot on a hot plate, I had always been wanting to try it, but never had the chance. So one day before my derma session, BF and I grabbed a quick late lunch at the Sizzling Plate.

My order was their Squid Sisig, I had somehow high hopes for this, but it failed. It was dry, burnt, bland and too chewy. Well maybe I was stupid for expecting something good from food this cheap. At least I learned my lesson now.

Here's my BF's order, Pork Steak. The meat was also chewy and bland. Sigh, waste of money. Would we go back to Sizzling Plate again? I don't think so. Some times the appearance fools you, it surely fooled us, but never again, we learned our lesson.

Red Ribbon White Forest Cake

Because some times, you just have to let the picture speak out for itself.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I think I lost my sweet tooth already, I can't even find myself to finish a slice of chocolate cake nowadays, I guess it's BF's turn to get the sweet tooth this time. Because when we were thinking of where to eat, he said he wanted some ice cream, and we both agreed it's time to try Icebergs.

While waiting for our orders, we eyed the place. I really liked their vibrant red walls, I thought it would be a cool color for a living room. Their canvasses of their ice creams are also quite eye catching that one can't help but drool while waiting for their food to arrive.

Have any of you tried their Fish and Chips yet? Well then if you haven't, don't. It's pretty much a waste of money. The fish and chips tasted funny, the consolation was that they served us a lot.

BF tried their Chocolate Sundae. It was a simpler eye candy than my order, their Black Forest Parfait, but nevertheless, still yummy and oh so sweet.

Here's my Black Forest Parfait with cherry on top! Are you drooling now?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Old Spaghetti House

Call it TOSH or The Old Spaghetti House, this has been intriguing me for a long time now, with their fancy decors it looked to me at first that their prices may not be so affordable. One day though, while BF and I were at the mall and we were debating where to eat, when I said "let's eat at TOSH." He agreed immediately.

Good thing because now I know despite it's fancy decors, they still offer affordable prices to their customers without sacrificing the taste and quantity. We were the 1st customers of the day (I think) that's why we wasted no time, took our seats and scanned their menu.

I took a couple of pictures while we were waiting for our food. I loved how cozy their decors were, it felt old school. One thing I didn't like though, was that the seats are cramped together and you don't get much space with their tables.

After realizing that they serve onion rings and knowing that I haven't tried a single onion ring all my life, I knew I had to order one. Our onion rings were served first while we were waiting for our pastas.

It was good, served hot, crispy and tasty. I liked their presentation and that they put in a lot of dip. I think I like onion rings now.

BF ordered their Chicken and Mushroom Pasta and it was OK, there was some thing missing in the flavor but I won't complain on its quantity.

Another thing, I don't like their garlic bread. So I gave away the garlic bread that came with my pasta.

Finally, here's my Pasta Marinara, steaming hot and generously sprinkled with lots of cheese!

Home Made Sushi

BF and I have been fans of Japanese food for some time now. Maybe because we have worked for Japanese people in our previous company. That, or maybe Japanese food is just so delish and healthy for you.

We all know how sushi can be so expensive when you dine outside, and we think that some times, we do not get our money's worth. So I searched for YouTube videos on how to make sushi. Surprisingly enough, it seemed quite easy.

So one afternoon we went out to buy the ingredients we needed for our first sushi making attempt.

We cooked the Japanese rice first and allowed it to cool. Mixed in some salt, MSG, and rice vinegar to give the rice extra flavor. Make sure that you let the rice cool down before you put it on nori because you will ruin the nori.

For my first sushi attempt, I put in some sliced mango, crab meat slices, and a generous amount of Japanese mayo. You can use the ordinary kind of mayo, but sushi tastes best if you use Japanese ingredients.

BF and I made a whole sushi platter that day, good thing though 'cause the sushi was gone in a snap! His family loved it! And there you go, my first sushi attempt. Looks nice no?

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