Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home Made Sushi

BF and I have been fans of Japanese food for some time now. Maybe because we have worked for Japanese people in our previous company. That, or maybe Japanese food is just so delish and healthy for you.

We all know how sushi can be so expensive when you dine outside, and we think that some times, we do not get our money's worth. So I searched for YouTube videos on how to make sushi. Surprisingly enough, it seemed quite easy.

So one afternoon we went out to buy the ingredients we needed for our first sushi making attempt.

We cooked the Japanese rice first and allowed it to cool. Mixed in some salt, MSG, and rice vinegar to give the rice extra flavor. Make sure that you let the rice cool down before you put it on nori because you will ruin the nori.

For my first sushi attempt, I put in some sliced mango, crab meat slices, and a generous amount of Japanese mayo. You can use the ordinary kind of mayo, but sushi tastes best if you use Japanese ingredients.

BF and I made a whole sushi platter that day, good thing though 'cause the sushi was gone in a snap! His family loved it! And there you go, my first sushi attempt. Looks nice no?

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