Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Old Spaghetti House

Call it TOSH or The Old Spaghetti House, this has been intriguing me for a long time now, with their fancy decors it looked to me at first that their prices may not be so affordable. One day though, while BF and I were at the mall and we were debating where to eat, when I said "let's eat at TOSH." He agreed immediately.

Good thing because now I know despite it's fancy decors, they still offer affordable prices to their customers without sacrificing the taste and quantity. We were the 1st customers of the day (I think) that's why we wasted no time, took our seats and scanned their menu.

I took a couple of pictures while we were waiting for our food. I loved how cozy their decors were, it felt old school. One thing I didn't like though, was that the seats are cramped together and you don't get much space with their tables.

After realizing that they serve onion rings and knowing that I haven't tried a single onion ring all my life, I knew I had to order one. Our onion rings were served first while we were waiting for our pastas.

It was good, served hot, crispy and tasty. I liked their presentation and that they put in a lot of dip. I think I like onion rings now.

BF ordered their Chicken and Mushroom Pasta and it was OK, there was some thing missing in the flavor but I won't complain on its quantity.

Another thing, I don't like their garlic bread. So I gave away the garlic bread that came with my pasta.

Finally, here's my Pasta Marinara, steaming hot and generously sprinkled with lots of cheese!

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