Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pho Hoa

It was a Saturday night and was very hungry after a 3 hour session with my dermatologist. BF and I agreed that we were to dine in Pho Hoa to try what their food tastes like. Since I have no idea on what their best sellers are because I didn't researched, I just based my orders on what photos looked drool worthy. I kid you not! Hehe.

We were given some lemon wedges, bean sprouts and some veggie leaves, which were supposed to go with our noodles. I only used the zest of the lemon for my noodle's soup.

BF ordered their large Pho Beef noodles. It had rice noodles which were very heavy and quite filling, meatballs and beef.

I ordered their delish looking garlic shrimps with garlic rice. For a price of less than P200-250, I'm sorry I can't remember, this was heaven sent! Plenty of succulent and tasty shrimps and I could really taste the wonderful sautéed garlic flavor! The rice also tasted good and it was too much! I was already bursting but I just couldn't resist trying one of their desserts.

Lastly, their mango crepe with vanilla ice cream doesn't convince me that much. It was OK but not spectacular in taste. But I guess with their serving amount which consists of a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and preparation it was an eye candy sight to behold.

It was near closing time but we got a good place to sit, the table was clean and the staff even placed large white papers on our tables, which I think is a waste of paper considering how many of these papers they throw away everyday after using. We only had water but the friendly crew kept on refilling our glasses and that was a very good plus for me. BF and I also love the paintings and the cool and comfy overall ambiance of the place.

Our orders came in pretty fast enough and accompany that with the efficiency and customer friendliness of all their staff, I think BF and I will be going back to Pho Hoa soon.

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