Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pizza Hut

I accompanied BF one day to get his Samsung P2370 LCD monitor from the mall, I was persuading him that we eat at Pizza Hut because we haven't dined there together. BF was hesitant at first because it was just a regular day and he told me that maybe we should just dine there another time.

Well, what I want I get. Hehe, BF finally gave in and we found ourselves sitting in their well lit and cozy restaurant.

I'm just so in love with their walls, so creative, colorful and gives the place a certain kind of lift.

I knew I had to have my pasta fix for the week, and while waiting for our pizza to be served I started pigging out on their 3 cheese ravioli with garlic bread. I must say it was fine considering it was sort of cheap, around P200-250, I think. Lots of sauce and each bite gives you a cosmic combination of cheeses being blended in your palate.

Although I didn't liked their garlic bread so much, it was just so-so. Sbarro's garlic bread still tops my list.

With a lot of pizza choices, we had quite a hard time choosing. In the end we followed the staff's suggestion of super supreme pizza, which was one of their best sellers. We upgraded the crust to cheesy volcano. Yes, I don't like boring thick crust that seems to be the most boring part of the pizza.

We ordered some cheese dip to go with our pizza, for adding only P29 that was a lot of cheese dip.

Their bottomless iced tea tastes a bit bitter at first sip, it eventually gets sweeter anyhow. I don't know about you but I still find Tokyo Tokyo's red iced tea on top of my list.

Their prices are a bit steep and since I think I prefer Yellow Cab's pizza to theirs, BF and I will be coming back to Pizza Hut, but not sooner than we expect.
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