Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gerry's Grill

Where to dine? That's what my BF and I always debate about when we go out. Where to dine? This time, in Gerry's Grill.

We all know their food may not be that affordable to all, but we'd rather spend a little bit more than waste money and time with bland food. Remember this?

We scanned through their menu and ordered, I somehow just don't like the yellowish lighting effect of their place, as you will see the following photos are yellowish, but anyway, I also loved their bamboo ceiling decoration and lights.

The drinks were served first, root beer for BF and fresh buko juice for me. I was sort of surprised when I saw that I was given the whole shell, hehe! Sadly, I think the coconut meat untouched inside was wasted. Do you ask for the crew to open it and scrape the meat though?

Chum doesn't like squid that much, but if it's grilled, well that's a different story. Gerry's Grill has great Grilled Squid, I tell you! The squid meat was soft, not chewy, and it had a hint of sweetness which was just the right flavor. Loved this one!

I ordered their Crab Rice, we were told that this was good for 2 people, but I didn't expected it to be this much! On the taste though, it didn't astound me, personally, the crab rice my BF makes is still way better, but this will do.

Lastly, their sisig is to die for! Crunchy, plenty, but also high in cholesterol! BF got a little bit dizzy after eating this, Can't say eating oily food is good, but you just can't deprive yourself all the time, get my drift?

Will we go back? Of course, when I'm craving again for their yummy grilled squid!
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