Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I think I lost my sweet tooth already, I can't even find myself to finish a slice of chocolate cake nowadays, I guess it's BF's turn to get the sweet tooth this time. Because when we were thinking of where to eat, he said he wanted some ice cream, and we both agreed it's time to try Icebergs.

While waiting for our orders, we eyed the place. I really liked their vibrant red walls, I thought it would be a cool color for a living room. Their canvasses of their ice creams are also quite eye catching that one can't help but drool while waiting for their food to arrive.

Have any of you tried their Fish and Chips yet? Well then if you haven't, don't. It's pretty much a waste of money. The fish and chips tasted funny, the consolation was that they served us a lot.

BF tried their Chocolate Sundae. It was a simpler eye candy than my order, their Black Forest Parfait, but nevertheless, still yummy and oh so sweet.

Here's my Black Forest Parfait with cherry on top! Are you drooling now?
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