Tuesday, December 29, 2009


BF's constant order is their crispy and juicy fried chicken! It's either original recipe or spicy. He also gets a LOT of gravy and almost makes the gravy a soup he pours onto his rice, hehe. :)

I always order their Famous Bowl or their Fully Loaded meal, so for something different, I ordered their Chicken Salad this time. Yes, it is a salad, but I'm not really convinced it's recommended for people on the diet.

I am also in love with their mushroom soup, I get amused that sometimes the mushroom bits on the bottom are humongous in size! I just wish they use tastier, better and more realistic croutons for this. Just saying.

My all time favorite french fries! They're thick, tasty and somewhat spicy, or maybe that's just me? :)
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