Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reyes Barbecue

Their Sotanghon Soup is forgettable. It somehow lacks taste and wasn't served scorching hot.

Chum was intrigued by their Kinilaw na Tanigue, being a kinilaw lover himself. He went ahead and ordered it. It tasted fine to me, I only tried a few pieces of kinilaw, but Chum said the preparation wasn't that good.

Chum ordered their Pork Barbecue which I give two thumbs up! The pork was so tasty, moist and tender. One cup of rice wasn't enough for two sticks of their Pork Barbecue!

My main order was their Grilled Squid, have you noticed my fixation of this? I also ate Grilled Squid on our last Gerry's Grill pig out. Reyes's version is good, but compared to the Gerry's version, Gerry's has a more distinct taste and juiciness, but for the price, this Grilled Squid is good enough.

I don't think we'll be going back soon enough here, unless you guys can suggest anything else in their menu that can wow us?
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