Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sizzling Plate

Sizzling Plate has always intrigued me, food served piping hot on a hot plate, I had always been wanting to try it, but never had the chance. So one day before my derma session, BF and I grabbed a quick late lunch at the Sizzling Plate.

My order was their Squid Sisig, I had somehow high hopes for this, but it failed. It was dry, burnt, bland and too chewy. Well maybe I was stupid for expecting something good from food this cheap. At least I learned my lesson now.

Here's my BF's order, Pork Steak. The meat was also chewy and bland. Sigh, waste of money. Would we go back to Sizzling Plate again? I don't think so. Some times the appearance fools you, it surely fooled us, but never again, we learned our lesson.
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