Friday, December 18, 2009

Teriyaki Boy

My BF and I love anything Japanese, If you remember my sushi making session a while ago. I have been reading a lot of good feedback about Teriyaki Boy that it was bound for me and Chum to try what they have to offer and see if it passes our standards. Once seated, I couldn't help but notice how cramped the place was and how close the tables and chairs were together, nevertheless, we tried to just ignore it for the moment.

How can you not fall in love with their cool wallpaper! I found it so cute that for a moment I wanted my bed room to have the same walls. :)

While waiting for our orders, we were served their miso soup. I personally do not like miso soup that much, or the taste of miso itself, but I helped myself to a few sips. It was good and I liked it that the miso soup served had some seaweed and soft tofu too.

BF and I both tried their Seafood Teppanyaki, which was a LOT. I personally liked the coffee jelly and the kani salad, although it could use some more Japanese mayo, crab meat and fish roe, just saying.

Dynamite roll, whew, this surely was dynamite! It was crunchy, filling and spicy all at the same time. I'm tempted to try their other rolls next time!
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