Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brothers Burger

I met up with a friend a few weekends ago. It was late and we were both hungry, I literally had Burgoo in mind because I wanted to taste the Seafood Jambalaya, but what I said to my friend was that we dine in Brother's Burger. Hehe, stupid right?

My friend had this for her order. Come to think of it, I don't know what it's called. It's 3 mini cute burgers with some french fries on the side. Don't be fooled by the size because my friend only finished one mini burger and the fries.

I've been having this onion rings mode lately, wherever I eat, if there's onion rings, I'll try it! Compared to TOSH's Onion Rings, this one has more breading outside, which makes it crunchier.

I believe this is the Creamy Chicken Supreme? Hehe, I should really try to blog soon after my latest pig out, I tend to forget the names specially if I didn't kept the receipt with me. This was so-so, even though the servings were plenty, the taste isn't that remarkable. The bread that went along with the pasta doesn't even have any distinct taste. At least it satisfied my empty stomach.

Well, next time I guess I'll go for their burgers only, after all their burgers are what they are known for, right?

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