Thursday, January 21, 2010


It was my first time to go to Market! Market! but I didn't really go there to go shopping. My friend and I were just dead hungry and wanted to eat. We found ourselves inside Giligan's since it was one of the first spots we saw. Hehe. It's a good thing their food didn't disappoint.

Their sea based decors are pleasant to look at. I even want a ship like that in my house!

This would have to be the star of the day! Their scrumptious Chicken/ Pork Sisig! It's a marvel that Sisig can be done in so many ways. I just wish this had less mayo in it because I got dizzy after, nevertheless, the taste is impeccable. I forgot to take a photo of their Giligan's Fried Rice. Oh well, maybe because it was forgettable?

Their Kare-Kare, with no meat. I was hesitant to try this first, but the serving was humongous! The taste was equally great, I love the nuttiness of the sauce.

We also tried their Cajun Shrimp, which we didn't finish. Don't worry, we took the left overs home. Don't wanna waste precious food. :)

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