Monday, January 4, 2010


 My friend Batch spent the New Year's eve with my family and we simply knew that our BFF bonding wasn't complete without some pigging out and shopping! When we arrived at the mall, we were too hungry but couldn't decide where to eat. We were fed up with Lasagna and Pizza we was practically what we had at home. We spotted Gumbo and decided to give it a try. We were first served with their complimentary bread, which we hardly noticed since we were so hungry and wanted our orders to arrive fast! :)

I was so thirsty that I went ahead and had their bottomless lemonade, while Batch settled for their strawberry milkshake. 

I shared their Baked Artichoke Formaggio with Batch, It was great! The garlic bread slices were surely packed with crispiness and that great garlic flavor. We even asked for extra dip because the dip was just too delish! :)

My friend, Batch had their petite Four Seasons Salad. Oh! The colors and flavors this salad simply gives you, it truly is an eye candy. The taste was tangy and sweet, the lettuce was definitely fresh including the fruits and the ham slices. If all salads were this good!

Finally, their Seafood Jambalaya! I cannot correctly put into words how the fusion of flavors simply melt in your mind and tickle your picky taste buds. We ordered it "spicy" and although it was indeed spicy, it wasn't over the top spicy, but there's definitely a kick in every bite. We ordered petite because we were told it was good for 2 people, but I beg to disagree! Their petite sized Seafood Jambalaya was at least good enough for 3 - 4 hungry people! :)

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