Saturday, February 6, 2010


This is an overdue post, which has been sitting prettily in my Drafts for a few weeks now, so I figure I need to get this post out, and tell the world the yumminess that is Bigby's!

Bigby's is located in SM Megamall's Atrium, the place looked to cozy and inviting that my friend, Batch, urged me to go inside. I was fascinated with their interesting ceiling, it was like dozens of magazine or colorful newspaper collages.

The delish photos above is their Triple Crunch Platter, a combination of cheesy nachos, crispy onion rings and some vegetable lumpia. I loved their cheesy nachos, although it had some weird taste, 'cause I could detect a minty flavor with the cheese sauce, but nevertheless I still like it!

The onion rings were perfectly crisp, so that's a two thumbs up from me since I have been having my onion rings mode lately, if you read my blog you will know what I mean, if not, why don't you start reading my past posts? :)

I didn't liked the vegetable lumpia, it wasn't as tasty as I hoped it would be, or maybe I'm just not that much of a vegetable lover.

Batch ordered their Ticky Wacky Salad, but shared it with me since it was too much for one person to finish! I loved that it has nuts in it, although I'm not sure what kind of nuts they were. The only thing that spoiled this salad for me, was that they put in too much mayo, that gave me the "umay" factor.

If you're a fan of spicy pasta dishes, then you should definitely try their Pasta Daviola. Each bite was somehow torturous for me since it was hot like hell! It also had bits of hungarian sausage, which I didn't quite enjoyed since it was cut too little. Honestly, we weren't able to finish this due to the spiciness, so now I know I'm definitely not into spicy pasta dishes. :)

Dining at Bigby's may hurt your pockets a little but with the friendly and fast service, cool ambiance and great food, with humongous quantity to boot, dining here is definitely worth a try.

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