Monday, February 8, 2010

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant

BF and I had my post birthday celebration in one of our favorite restaurants, Nagomi. Situated in the busy place of Ortigas Center, many people, Japanese or locals aren't fazed to face the heavy bouts of traffic just to have a taste of good old and authentic Japanese food.

Their menu is filled with photos to help the diners visually, and thanks to their drool worthy menu, you will definitely know that WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), no less and maybe more!

While waiting for our food, I took a couple of shots, but mostly were poor quality since my hands and even BF's hands were shaky, cause we were both terribly, terribly hungry!

They always serve appetizers first, nothing outstanding, one time it was pasta, other times it would be tuna with mayo, but that night, it was bean sprouts. You don't have to worry though, since the food is served as fast as they can. I just actually went to the rest room for a few minutes and when I came back the food was being served already.

To me, this was the star of the night. Their Gomoku Ramen! We actually ordered just one but since their ramen is super sized, we had it split into two. Imagine that! One could hesitate if he can finish such a large serving quantity, luckily for us, we finished both our ramen bowls. It was hmm mmm good.

Being sushi lovers, BF and I didn't pass the chance to savor their delish Sushi Mix Platter again, they ran out of shrimp unfortunately so that's why their are two kani maki pictured above. I must warn you though ,that their sushi already has wasabi inside, so if you're not a wasabi lover, kindly ask them to prepare a sushi platter with wasabi on the side. :)

Don't forget to dip your sushi into your kikkoman sauce, calamansi and titillatingly spicy wasabi, consume as much as you want! I must admit dining here isn't easy on the pocket, but I'm always willing to pay more than the regular bill just to experience fine dining like this.

Maybe next time I'll show you their Makonochi or Bento Box, another favorite meal by BF and I :)

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