Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tokyo Tokyo Metro

It's been a while huh? Well I'm back and armed with new food adventures. This time, BF and I tried out Tokyo Tokyo Metro. Almost like Tokyo Tokyo, but not quite. I like the ambiance of the place, hip yet comfy. The furnitures blend together, and the tables aren't that cramped together.

Chum was either not that hungry or was suspicious of how their food tasted like, that he only ordered their Spicy Seafood Ramen (I hope I'm right). Spicy, but not THAT spicy. The servings were smaller compared to how the amount of servings of ramen in other restaurants are. They use a different kind of noodles and the taste wasn't that astounding.

I ordered their Surf n Turf Bento. Which had miso soup, rice, prawns, beef, california maki, veggies on the side, and jelly dessert. The food looked good but the beef was a disappointed, dry and small. The prawns were also dry and even bland to my taste. I was only consoled by their california maki.

Sure my hunger was satisfied, because of the servings, but my flavor hunger was majorly disappointed that day, Tokyo Tokyo Metro, with the added price you put on the food in your menu, you could have at least made it yummier. I just hope this is only a branch to branch scenario.

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  1. @Golden, I know right, looks can be so deceiving sometimes. :(

    @Badet, the ramen is spicy but could still sure use more spiciness to give it more kick. :)

    @Mom Daughter Style, You should try their Beef Misono and red iced tea, although I'm not sure if their food is still as good as it were before. :)


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