Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Congo Grille

I've seen Congo Grille for a while but I hadn't given it much thought. Chum's brother and his GF on the other hand, love dining in Congo Grille. So one day we all had a short double date, since we also needed to buy some groceries for Chum's birthday a few weeks ago.

I have this thing for pleasantly painted walls if you haven't noticed in my older posts already. Wall fetish? :)

The four of us shared a big bowl of their Beef Kare-Kare. I'll have to admit it was good, but I still find Giligan's Kare-Kare better. The sauce tastes more malinamnam and nuttier. :)

We also shared a platter of their Pork Sisig, and the funny thing is I also like Giligan's Pork Sisig better than Congo Grille's version. Hmm, I know I'm not being biased. Giligan's is not paying me. Hehe, but really the food in Congo Grille is good, it's just that I've tasted better. :)


  1. i love congo grille's kare kare its sweet but not that much,its creamy too,and their sisig..yummm!!now im hungry hehe

  2. Thanks for dropping by Camille, it's quite depressing to look at food photos in the wee hours of the morning, it makes me hungry sometimes too. :)

  3. Hi dearie. Thanks for commenting on my site. I hope you'll be able to buy your own domain too. :)

    Funny. I just had Kare-Kare for lunch. I like my Kare-Kare sweet and in pork. Not Beef. Hehe..

    Lots of love,

  4. The best sisig I've tasted is Giligan's Chicken Pork Sisig too, move over Dencio's and Gerry's, hehe...

  5. Hi Golden, I think I already did it, hehe. Spur of the moment thing though :)

    Hi Badet! nice!That's good to know. Good thing I know someone agrees with me. :)

  6. mips! yumyum! isip kana kung saan mo gusto next weekend, calendar cleared(april 17 to 18)!

  7. Mips! I have no idea yet! Where do you wanna dine? I'm into anything Jap, Italian or Chinese, well, maybe Mexican too. Haha!

    You wanna try Mei Lin Pot & Noodle House? Their noodles are sinfully good!


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