Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dulcinea: Churros Con Chocolate

Churros Con Chocolate
Php 98.00 or $ 2.24

I've been fascinated for quite some time now on how these little devils taste. I made a mistake once by buying and taking it home, boy! the churros became soft and the chocolate froze, I could've heated the chocolate dip, but the churros' texture were already ruined. Recently though, I finally got the chance to try them out again while they were still crunchy and the chocolate dip was still hot. I initially thought that the dip was going to taste too sweet for my liking, good thing I was mistaken.

The chocolate had just the right kind of bitter sweet flavor that I found myself dipping for more. The churros were crunchy, yet had soft cores. I also liked it that the churros weren't that oily compared to my first experience. It didn't became an instant favorite, but I'll surely try this out from time to time.

Your pig out buddy,

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