Friday, April 9, 2010

Teriyaki Boy Part II

I find myself going back to Teriyaki Boy partly because of the cute wallpapers and decors.  I just got to love their cozy and warm environment, so you see, Part II was just bound to happen. :)

BF shared their large Tanmen Ramen with me. We initially asked if they could divide it into 2 servings, but we were refused. Instead, we were just given an extra bowl for me. I liked how subtle the ramen's broth tasted, yet it really gives out that distinct flavor like in authentic Japanese ramen.

I wanted my sushi fix. Last time, I sampled their Dynamite Roll which was a good experience, so this time I chose their Firecracker Roll. I just love their presentation.

I'm glad they provided a lot of rich, creamy mayo. It really went well with the Firecracker roll and I found myself  dipping each sushi roll for more of that mayo. I'm sure we'll be back here for more. I wanna try all their crazy rolls!

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