Monday, May 31, 2010

Army Navy Burger + Burrito

BF doesn't dig Mexican food that much, so it's hard to sway him to dine in fast food or restaurants that offer Mexican cuisine. We watched Here Comes The Bride last weekend since I badly needed to destress.  I ate little on the way to the mall since I wanted to pig out too (plus it's another blog entry for me! ;p).

I made him choose from Crepes, Sushi or Mexican food. When I got an OKAY from him to go for Mexican that day, I knew it wouldn't happen for a very long time again, so I pulled him in into Army Navy immediately. :)

Pork/Carnitas Soft Taco
P145.00 or less than $4.00

I ordered me some Pork Taco, which sort of resembled a shawarma, this was BF's observation by the way. It was somewhat messy to eat. I put on too much sauce sometimes and the meat or onions fall out the other end of the rolled soft taco shell. The pork itself wasn't the tender, in fact it may have been a bit chewy BUT for the price, it did its job of making me full. Looks can really be deceiving. I had a hard time finishing those 3 little suckers.

P135.00 or around $3.00

BF ate quite a lot before going to the mall so unlike me, he was still somehow full. So he ordered only a Burger. Not the Double or the Bully Boy, just the Burger. He did a little experiments with the available sauces and ended up putting too much mustard on his Burger. He kept complaining about putting on too much mustard but it looked like he didn't had a problem finishing his Burger. :)

Freedom Fries
P60.00 or less than $2.00

Finally the star of the day, their Freedom Fries! It was my first time to try it after reading a lot of good reviews all over the blogging and forum worlds. I'm just a little bit curious, are their fries really thin and small? I was really surprised to see a platter filled with small, thin fries. Taste wise, it resembled KFC's french fries but a bit tastier and crunchier, which is good for me. Despite their size, I think I'll keep coming back for more of their Freedom Fries for sure. :)

Army Navy Burger + Burrito

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