Monday, May 3, 2010


Meet my new baby Genevieve. Chum and I bought her just this weekend. She's named after Madeline's dog. Madeline who is a young adventurous heroine in a quite popular children's story book, and incidentally has a neighbor named Pepito.  People who know me personally will get the inside joke. :)

I've only had her for 2 days but I feel so attached. We brought her to the Vet earlier today to get all the works, she unfortunately has some ear infection which hopefully will heal with the ear drops. We also bought her some brush, cologne and her vitamins. Having a pet certainly seems similar to having a baby, all the fuss and yet you feel so good taking care of your darling baby.

She's not just adorable but she's also well behaved, she just sat quietly as her nails were trimmed and also lied flat while her Vet did a routine check up. I am praying that I get to keep her for a long long time. I guess I'm sort of a one proud mom. :)
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