Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kari-Nabe: House of Hot Pot Rice

When it comes to food, I go for almost everything Japanese. Almost everything because I still find Uni Sushi revolting to my taste buds. When it comes to ramen though, give me and I will not refuse any hour of any day!

BF and I found ourselves in the mall as typical of an unspoken weekend ritual. I was dragging him to Teriyaki Boy because I needed my sushi fix so badly, he suddenly stopped in his tracks when he saw this newly opened Japanese Fast Food place called Kari-Nabe.  It offered Japanese food that looks pretty much affordable so what could go wrong right?

We ordered and after a few minutes of waiting, we were served this earthen pots with closed lids that helped keep our ramen piping hot. Thank God for the lids because I had to wait for BF since he went to buy us some crepes after placing our orders.

Gyuniku Ramen
P190.00 or around $4.1

This ramen would have been good if the beef included were a tad bit more tasty and tender. Well considering it was a cheaper dish, maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up too high. Serving wise my order of ramen was a LOT so this sure could fill one person up.

Gyoza Ramen
P150.00 or $3.24

This was BF's order. I didn't get to taste this as much but according to him it was delish.

California Temaki
P60.00 or $1.29

We finally finished our meal with a wonderfully good Temaki. For something as cheap as this, it's actually really worth your money. Oozing with chunks of ripe mango, crab sticks, sticky rice (I do hope it's Japanese) and generously filled with Japanese mayo.

Kari-Nabe: House of Hot Pot Rice

Location: SM Malls and other leading malls 

Website: None found so far

Business Hours: Mall Hours
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