Monday, July 19, 2010

Goldilocks: Baked Lasagna

*Price Estimate Only
P600.00 - 800.00 or $12.92 - 17.22

I forgot the price of their Baked Lasagna but I certainly did not forget how awesome it tastes. Unlike other lasagnas out there, Goldilocks's baked lasagna is sweet and salty, each flavor not overpowering each other.  The pasta is baked to perfection, no pieces to mushy or half baked. Plenty of ooey gooey cheese and ground beef too! Also, what I really love about Goldilocks's baked lasagna is that the serving amount is humongous! 

This is perfect for office parties, or for those special occasions at home, or maybe even when you just miss the authentic and delectable taste of Goldilocks's baked lasagna. I wouldn't wonder why lasagna is Garfield's favorite when it tastes as yummy the way Goldilocks does it.

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