Friday, July 23, 2010

Personal: My Renovated Room

For years my room has been plain old boring. While studying I couldn't persuade my parents to have my room renovated, so there was no use since of course I couldn't afford it. But now...I have my work that humbly speaking pays well enough, I decided it's time for that much needed renovation.

Renovating a room was easier said than done when you really don't have a particular theme in mind, I spent a couple of days Googling(this isn't even a word!) bedroom designs. I switched from green >> black >> black and white >> black and violet >> black and maroon until finally to black and violet theme. Finally! Talk about indecisive huh? 

BF and I went shopping for the ceiling light, and it was pretty much a hard task since there were so many designs, until I finally chose the ceiling light that can accommodate 4 light bulbs and has that swirly capiz shell like design.

Here's a glimpse of my room. The colors were black walls facing each other and then violet walls facing each other and the ceiling white. I didn't do anything with the floor yet as I'm still to decide whether it be tiles, linoleum, or whatever. I tend to move my stuff around so the floor is likely to get scratch marks. Any suggestions for the floors?

I also bought a black and white comforter set for my bed. I love that the pillow case and comforter is reversible. One side's plaid and the other flowery. It sort of sends out a message that I'm a girl but not too much.

On the left side is my workstation. The desktop PC is missing there since I don't need it as of the moment. I have been a work at home Software QA Specialist for a Philippine registered company since last year, and I guess one of the main reasons why I decided to finally renovate my room is that I want my work place/ bedroom to look  like one.

The green curtains and pink wall clock doesn't seem to go well with the theme, as of the latest I've replaced those green curtains with black and grey striped curtains and it clicked. I'm also about to buy a black and white wall clock to replace that pink one in the photo.

I still need to buy or order a customized wide mirror so my room could have that illusion of being wider. Lastly, I also need to buy a large painting I saw in a Japanese products warehouse. I didn't think renovating a part of your home is this fulfilling, my room is finally an eye candy. What do you think? :)

UPDATE: Bought black and grey striped curtains to match the room's theme better! ;)

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