Friday, July 30, 2010

Tok - Yu Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant

My BFF and I were famished last Monday after spending at least 5 hours in a Victor Ortega Salon pampering ourselves silly. Batch wasn't digging Japanese food that much, but since her former officemates were practically raving about this place and their food, she personally suggested it to me.

Upon entering the restaurant, it looked like it had a half-baked design. It was a Japanese Restaurant, granted a little cheaper, but the chairs and tables just didn't fit. But hey, I was there for the food, the ambiance failed me so I had high hopes for how yummy their food was supposed to be.

Beef Ramen
P125.00 or $42.75

Upon seating, we were handed out a menu. I guess I don't really need a menu to know that I wanted some steamy hot ramen! So I ordered their Beef Ramen. We were told it was good for 2 people so we asked them to split it into two bowls. If you're hungry then take my word for it, don't share this with someone else cause you're not gonna get full. :)

Their ramen was pleasantly sweeter compared to the ones I've tasted before. Which was okay with me, in fact I think the sweetness makes their ramen stand out. I just couldn't help but notice that they also use chopped onion rings.

P125.00 or $42.75

Batch had their Yakisoba. Here's where I realized something about their dishes. It had the same sweetness as that of their Ramen! Each noodle strand and veggies coated with the same sweetness. I'm not really used to having sweet Yakisoba, I'm not even sure if it should taste sweet, plus there goes their usage of chopped onion rings again. It kept me thinking of what other dishes of theirs are cooked sweetly too. The chef has some unusual sweet tooth going on.

Taste wise, it was very common. At least if you're hungry for their price you get a lot and you might not even be able to finish it. Batch a portion of left overs wrapped up. 

Mixed Tempura

We shared an order of their mixed tempura. Sorry but I forgot the price! I would say it tastes nothing out of the ordinary but it was good enough. The veggie tempura slices were at least quite large that supporting it with a chopstick is kinda hard to manage. I should know, I dropped the potato tempura because it was big!

Sushi Super Mix Special
P170.00 or $3.74

Now here's the ironic part. Batch and I was supposed to share on an order of their super mix special. It consisted of 4 rolls of california maki and tekka maki, 2 rolls of kani maki, 2 pieces of ebi and kani sushi, plus 5 slices of salmon sashimi. Well, you know how sushi is, some ingredients are raw. After taking a  few maki, sashimi and sushi, Batch complained about her stomach hurting. So I tried my best to finish this all up, but if you would notice, we also had other dishes ordered so sadly I wasn't able to finish it.  Don't worry though, we had the left overs wrapped up too. :)

Red Iced Tea

It's weird that the greatest thing I had from Tok - Yu was their ice cold red iced tea. Please forgive me again as I forgot how much this costs. It was very refreshing and I wish I could have another one again right now.  

So, what was all the raving from Batch's former officemates about? I just couldn't make myself agree. Sure their dishes are budget friendly, but it just doesn't taste authentic to me.

Tok - Yu Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant

Location: Pioneer Center Supermarket, 8006 Pioneer St., cor. United St., Kapitolyo Pasig City

Business Hours: 11:00AM to 10:00PM

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