Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BBB Big Better Burgers

Chum and I found ourselves in the mall (as always). I was just actually accompanying him to order a new processor since his broke down. It was under warranty of course and we had it checked, but one of the pins was already missing and that meant the warranty was voided.

SM Fairview was somehow under a major renovation since all the tech shops moved to the 4th floor and as we were passing along the 3rd floor which was a work in progress since all of the health and wellness shops will be relocated there, we were pleasantly surprised to see a lone burger shop against all those health and wellness shops, can I say combo breaker? :)

The place was actually quite small and cramped, but the interiors were warm and inviting. The large photos of their burgers hanged on to their walls will definitely make hungry customers drool so badly. I knew I sorta did!

After a few minutes of waiting the staff will serve you your burger nicely wrapped.

I ordered their Hahalapeño Burger and this is what it's supposed to look like, mouth watering right?  "Jalapeño salsa, cheese, lettuce, ketchup and a massive 1/3 lb. grilled burger in a special big bun."

Hahalapeño Burger
Php 147.00 or $3.25

Well, in real life this was how their burger looked like. It was massive alright, but at first look the cheese looked a bit dry, more salsa could have been poured, the buns resemble our very own "pan de sal" and the patty looks kinda burnt to me.

Just so you know after taking a few awkward bites, I take my remarks back, it's one of the most delish, juiciest and hard to finish burgers I've ever feasted on! I have to point out though that this burger = sloppy and messy eating, you've been warned, this is not a first date type of meal. :)

 Classic American Double Dare Burger
Php 130.00 or $ 2.87

BF had their Classic American Double Dare Burger (I think, sorry I lost the receipt!).  Described in their menu as "2 1/3 lb. of grilled burger, tomatoes, lettuce, dill and onion mayo in a special bun."

I couldn't imagine myself being able to finish this, imagine 2 times the beef! but BF did! He also swears that though the bun could use a little upgrading and the patty looks a bit burnt, it was like heaven in his mouth. 

I regretted it a bit that being a sucker for french fries or wedges or anything made out of potato for that matter, I didn't order any that day. Well, there would surely be a next time! I think BBB will stay for long in the food industry business, maybe just a little upgrades and their name will be a household name sooner than I think.

BBB Big Better Burgers

    SM Fairview

    SM Cubao

    Filinvest Alabang

    NORTHGATE (Studio One)

    BF Homes

    Sucat PERGOLA Mall

    Victoria Towers (Robinsons Supermarket) Timog cor Panay, QC

Phone: +63 2 3326578

Website: None found so far, but they have a Facebook Page!

Business Hours: Daily from 11:00AM to 9:00PM
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