Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Made Pizza

Chum and I decided earlier this week to try out baking. It was either we try making lasagna or pizza. We opted to make pizza first since we figured it was easier to make, I mean what can go wrong right? Haha! Wrong! Good thing we bought 2 pizza doughs, because as much as it embarrasses me, I'd have to admit the 1st dough's bottom was burned charcoal black!

Our fault was that, we had it in the oven too long, we were waiting for the bacon strips to brown and the cheese to melt more, but we didn't notice the bottom of the dough was burning until I smelled it!

We baked the 2nd version of the pizza, and timed it much better this time. When we finally were able to taste it, I can vouch that it was pretty good! The bell peppers were crunchy, overloaded with lots of hot mushroom slices, pineapple chunks, pepperoni and bacon! What we learned at this point was that if you put bacon, it seems to be the last thing that gets crispy, and don't use ordinary quickmelt! We were debating to buy mozzarella or plain quickmelt, we thought, that "Hey! they're practically just the same and will turn our pizza into gooey good stuff!" 

Again we were wrong, the quickmelt was not stringy nor gooey, it turned out somewhat watery or limp, I don't know how to explain it well, so I just hope you guys get my drift. So lessons learned, next time we'll time the baking process better, maybe don't use bacon again since we can't brown it the same time as the other toppings(or would frying it before using it as a topping help?), and most important lesson of all, use mozzarella cheese.

A slice of accomplishment. It tastes great.
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