Thursday, September 16, 2010

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar Part 2 (A Lunch Date With College Friends and A Favorite IT Instructor)

Late last month, our BSIT batch decided to have a casual lunch date with one of our IT instructors. We decided to go with Giligan's because the food's affordable but you definitely get your money's worth.

We occupied two adjoined tables and yet when the food came out one by one, our place was cramped! Haha, let me fill you in how much we ordered and pigged out that day.

Sizzling Pork Sisig
Php 142.40 or $ 3.66

For frequent readers here, you guys probably know that I RAVE about Giligan's sisig. I've tried their Chicken/Pork Sisig before and I can say their Sisig whether pork, chicken or a combination of both is still a big hit! It was very tasty, crunchy and you get so much for an order!

Beef Kare-Kare
Php 212.80 or $ 4.80

I have tried their Kare-Kareng Gulay and loved it, but I can't say I still do for now. I couldn't quite find the same "peanutty" flavor I fell in love with, I just hope my taste buds were just malfunctioning from having to taste so many dishes in one sitting.

We also ordered their S2 Groupies Meal Php 816.00 or $ 18.40 and their S4 Groupies Meal Php 1,034.00 or $ 23.31This is a very delayed post and online menus available for Giligan's aren't updated to the latest so I won't say which dish belongs to which Groupies Meal anymore I might get it wrong. :)

1/2 Garlic Chicken
This I didn't get to try because it was placed on the other adjoined table and I was on the edge of the other table, and now regretting it as it looks so finger lickin' good!

Inihaw na Baboy/ Grilled Pork
Juicy, succulent pork grilled to perfection, I had several helpings of this. It tasted great, how can you ever go wrong with inihaw na baboy? 

Boneless Crispy Pata
This looks so good right now that I regret not having to try this that day, it was on the other table. 

Pusit Ala Pobre
Not something I'd order again on my next visits but it was surely filling enough for hungry tummies.

Lumpiang Shanghai

This tasted like regular lumpiang shanghai we buy elsewhere, I've had better ones, but this was not bad, it just wasn't outstanding. At least every roll had crispness. 

I honestly don't know what this is, Beef something something? Oh wait Korean Beef?  :)

Sinigang na Baboy

I only had some broth and veggies for myself. Somehow I think the broth needs a little bit more sourness to it, cause I prefer my sinigang very very very sour!

Pork BBQ

Giligan's Grilled Platter
Php 575.00 or $ 12.96

We also ordered this since our professor was avoiding pork so there was more variety of food. I only had a few bites of the grilled squid and I can say it's very tasty and soft.

We had a lot of catching up done and a lot of stories shared, it was a very memorable experience with the right combination. Good food + good company = AWESOME LUNCH DATE! It was our way to show our gratitude.

Admittedly, the food we ordered was waaay too much for even all of us to handle, but we took home the left overs which still seemed like a feast. A lunch date like this does not happen or push through that often, that's why it was a refreshing change and stress reliever from all the concerns at work or at home. We agreed to have another lunch date in the near future, and I'm looking forward to that. :)

P.S. Super thanks to Joey Taleño and Rick James Baluyot for taking some of the food shots!

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar

Locations & Phone:

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar
(02) 524-2480

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar
Alabang Town Center 
(02) 850-8830

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar
Glorietta 5 
(02) 501-3058 to 59

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar
Festival Supermall 
(02) 850-4443 to 44

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar
Market! Market! 
(02) 856-3095

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar
Greenbelt 1 
(02) 892-1545

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar
(074) 619-2634

Giligan's Island Restaurant and Bar
Trinoma Mall 
(02) 916-6233

Website: None found so far

Business Hours: Daily from 11:00AM to 12:00AM 

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