Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greenwich: Big Time Lunch

Big Time Lunch C + French Fries
Php 129.00 or $ 2.93 (Big Time Lunch C)
Php 49.00 (Solo Fies) - Php 89.00 (Sharing) or $ 1.11 - $ 2.02

Greenwich has been my go to place when I wanted to satisfy my pizza and pasta cravings and stay within my budget, since it practically has a lot of branches nationwide which has made it very convenient for us customers and they happen to serve my favorite version of lasagna which I think, in my own humble opinion even surpasses Goldilocks' version of lasagna.

It was great to see a new addition to what they're offering to their customers. Big Time Lunch sounded like it was perfect for people on a budget and very very famished. I was curious enough to try and find out for myself if their so called "Big Time" Lunch was enough for a very hungry person, which was me. :)

Turns out, even at times like these, you still can enjoy delish food, be filled up to the brim and not spend as much! 

Note to self: Go back soon and try their Shrimp Garlic Overload, hmmmm!

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