Thursday, September 9, 2010

Starbucks Coffee: Glazed Old Fashioned Doughnut

Price unavailable (Kill me if I throw away the receipt again!)

I do not know what got into me when I ordered this. I thought it didn't looked THAT SWEET compared to the other pastries and breads tempting me as they sat, looking pretty and dainty in the glass cabinet display. I thought I made the right decision.

One bite said it all, I didn't finish it. They glazing was too thick and too sweet for my liking. It was literally a diabetes inducing snack. It was too sweet that I couldn't distinguish the taste of my frappe. Good thing Chum gobbled up 3/4 of the doughnut for me and finished my chocolate cream chip frappucino too.

Can anyone suggest anything else WAAAAAY LESS SWEETER than this? :)

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