Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bookworm Adventures: Lifeguard By James Patterson And Andrew Gross

I found myself inching towards Book Sale earlier today partly because the bookworm in me was lacking its nourishment :)

I'm still on a mission to collect all of Mary Higgins Clark's books, to this date I have around 30 books of hers and I have also read quite a few of Sidney Sheldon's. I asked around if there were new MHC books available but sadly as I eyed the books on display, I already own those titles.

I suddenly remembered ate Gita, a fellow bookworm (and new found friend?) suggested that books by James Patterson were also a good read if I was into suspense thrillers and medical mysteries, well of course I am! so I took her word for it and bought myself my first James Patterson book. 

If any other James Patterson bookworm is reading, I'd gladly like to know which of his books would you recommend I spend an all-nighter on?

Hmm, I think I need to give an update about my Supermaxx Bookshelf inventory to show you guys just how much books I have hoarded for the past months!

Your pig out and bookworm buddy,

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