Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cooking With Dog (It's Not What You Think!)

I really can't remember how I happened to discover this channel on Youtube, but since then I've been hooked. Oh and by the way, this YouTube channel isn't about recipes using dog meat, or anything bordering that area. 

The concept of the channel is fairly easy to follow, a Japanese woman cooks these delicious Japanese delicacies while their cute pet poodle known as Francis "narrates" on how the dish should be cooked while he sits very very behaved in the background of each video.

Come to think of it, their channel was what inspired BF and I to finally try out making our own home made sushi, which was a definite success. 

So, if you also happen to love Japanese cuisine and might be feeling a little bit adventurous, then why not check out their channel and drool over tons of videos, and then make your own version. You don't have to worry as each of their videos list down all the ingredients and the explanation of the cooking process is very thorough. They don't always upload that frequently, since as they say they are only the usual husband, wife and dog team wanting to share their knowledge. :)

Got any other great cooking channels on Youtube you wanna share? Then what are you waiting for? Hit the comments area now!

Your pig out buddy,

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