Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Legal Love Affair With Tri Mo Shawarma Co.'s Shawarma!

Sizzling Special Shawarma
Php 100.00 or $ 2.36

I have a boyfriend of 5 years, but I'm not afraid to spill the beans. I'm having an affair for about 2 years now. Nobody ever tell me to stop this, I'm in love...

Special Beef Shawarma
Php 65.00 or $ 1.54

...with a shawarma.

Haha, just kidding folks about the having an affair part, but I only tell the truth when I say I really really love Tri Mo Shawarma Co.'s shawarma. I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with it?

It all started 2 years ago, fresh out of College and was then looking for work, BF and I went to UP Diliman because his IT company gave away 2 free tickets to UP ITTC's annual seminar. The seminar was good but, we know we wouldn't be satisfied with the free zest-o juice and bread that they gave away after the seminar, so BF said he was bringing me to a shawarma place he recently knew about.

When we arrived at the destination, I had my doubts. It was like one of those hole-in-the-wall places where the food is almost always regrettable and forgettable. I let BF order for us. He had to get a number first and tell our order only when his number has been called. The place was getting packed, from students, friends, lovers out on a date, good thing the person who prepares the shawarma does it lightning fast that BF soon sat beside me and gave me a rolled shawarma.

I've tried shawarmas from different places and I thought I knew what to expect, turns out I was wrong. Just one bite and I knew that the pita bread had just the right thinness to not overpower the fillings(some pita breads from other shawarma places are too thick that it tastes too bitter), fresh tomato, cucumber and onions were aplenty, a surprisingly large chunk of cheese added definitely a rich flavor, and boy oh boy, the best part of it was the meat. The beef was shredded so tiny that you would not have a problem chewing it down, the meat was so tasty that it really made a wonderful impression to me or to anyone who tries it, most of all the meat was soft and there were no gummy or rubbery slices! I love drowning my shawarma with both of their special sauces which is unlimited and always available at every diner's table. I don't know if it's just me or the sauce gets absorbed too fast and I always drizzle on more.

Restaurants and food stands offering us a taste of these wicked shawarmas have been sprouting here and there, in fact try to observe when you're inside a mall and you'll see that there are at least 2-3 shawarma stands competing for your picky taste bud's approval, but for now I know I've tasted one of the best already, so I don't get swayed and lured into buying from those pretending Shawarma stands that make the greatest shawarma ever. I'm that loyal :)

This shawarma place isn't even located inside a mall and yet a LOT of people go out of their way just to find out what all the raves are about. So if you want to find out for yourself how a shawarma should really taste like, try Tri Mo Shawarma Co.'s shawarma and I guarantee that you will not regret it! You will always get great food at an affordable price.

Grilled Chicken Isaw (Intestine)
Php 6.00 or $ 0.14

While you're at it, why not try the equally good grilled isaw and other grilled good stuff just beside the place? 

PS. What cuisine does shawarma fall under? Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me on this! :)

Tri Mo Shawarma Co.

Location: Lagro Loob, Fairview, Quezon City (Near Fatima College and SM City Fairview)
Phone: None found so far
Website: None found so far
Delivery: None
Estimated Budget: Less than ~P100/meal
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: 4:30PM to 3-4:00AM Daily (This is just an estimate!)

Your pig out buddy,

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