Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pig Out Disaster @Gabby's Steak Haus: How Should A Pesto Pasta Taste?

Pesto With Chicken Pasta
Php 88.00 or $ 2.06

One word: REGRET. Am I to blame for ordering pesto pasta in a place known for its cheap steaks?

If you Google "Gabby's Steak Haus", or "Gabby's Steak House" you will learn that it's a small restaurant along Fairview, Quezon City. You might even find some feedbacks about it, saying that their steaks are relatively cheap but tasted great. 

BF says their steaks are okay, and I was intrigued. How can a "cheap" steak taste okay? Well, one day I tried to find the answer to that. We went to Gabby's Steak Haus. The place itself was clean and had a cozy atmosphere, although there were no other customers when we arrived and during the rest of our stay. Their menu with accompanying pictures were emblazoned onto their walls. BF and I wanted this so called "steak" and we wanted it hot. 

Unfortunately, their spicy steak wasn't available for that particular day. If I remember right, they call it "El Diablo" or something similar. My hope deflated, I quickly scanned their menu again and got my eyes fixated on their Pesto with Chicken Pasta, I thought it was a nice surprise since it was only Php 88.00, so I went ahead and ordered it.

When my order arrived, I somehow sensed it was too good to be true. The chicken looked so dry and tasteless, and it was. It was like the meat was boiled with no salt, MSG or any other flavor enhancer. The pesto covered pasta was bland as well. Now, this is the first time I've tried a pesto pasta, so I don't know how this is supposed to taste. Should it really be that bland? Should more pesto have been used? Should it have been saltier or what? Was the cheap price Php 88.00 already a giveaway on what to expect?

I don't wanna condemn all pesto pasta offered in all restaurants, maybe my first try was just bad. So tell me, how should a pesto pasta taste like and where should buy one I'll enjoy?

Gabby's Steak Haus

Location: Commonwealth Ave., Fairview, Quezon City (Near Fairview Center Mall)

Phone: None found

Website: None found

Delivery: No

Estimated Budget: ~P100-500/meal

Payment Methods: Cash

Business Hours: 10:00AM to 9:00PM Daily

Your pig out buddy,

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