Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Search For The Ultimate Yogurt


I can't say I've tried many, so far I've only tried Red Mango and Qoola, but since then I've been on the lookout for my yogurt heaven.

Comparison points:

Red Mango
  • The yogurt tastes a little bit bland for me, but at least the yogurt's consistency is thick and not watery
  • I feel like they scrimp on the toppings, which  is pretty obvious in the photo above
  • Serving quantity not good enough for me, I'm tied up to choose only with what serving sizes they offer

  • Tangy but the flavor is not overpowering that I get to appreciate it with every spoonful
  • I can choose any yogurt flavor I want and even choose a little bit or a lot of everything
  • I can go overboard with the toppings, I can put in anything I want in my tub
  • Self service so, even though I maybe satisfied with the serving quantity, I face the risk of ending up paying more than I expected to shell out

Overall, I think I like Qoola's yogurt better. I wish no offense to those who favor Red Mango above Qoola or other yogurts out there. It's just that I'm more satisfied with the flavor, consistency and control Qoola gives to their customers even though it means going overboard with the price. I guess a good technique would be to ask the cashier to weigh my tub first after putting in just a teeny bit of what I like and then just filling my tub up after the first weigh in. I just don't know if they would allow such a thing. :)

So tell me, aside from Qoola and Red Mango, do you have any yogurt store recommendations for me? Of course I'm partial to those who implement the DIY atmosphere but I'm keeping my mind open in search for my ultimate yogurt. Do share your suggestions here, thanks!

Your pig out buddy,

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