Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dinner At Don Henrico's

Summer Salad 
Php 240.00 or $ 5.44 

Last week, I met up and stayed at my BFF's apartment for almost a week. The first night I arrived with Joey, I was running on near empty energy because I only had brunch earlier, slept the afternoon away, met up with Joey before 7PM, commuted with my big Speedo gym bag (thanks dude for carrying it for me!), stopped by SM North to buy a wireless router for their apartment (which was really great because I only used my iPod Touch the whole stay and not bring my big HP dv5) and finally headed straight to the apartment.

When we finally stepped inside their apartment, I kept grumbling that I was really hungry. Batch and I first agreed to go to Pepper Lunch but arriving as late as 9PM, we knew it would be closed already. Batch dragged me to SM Mall of Asia since it was a taxi away and we had better chances of choosing still open restaurants. After walking around for a few minutes, we first entered Max's but was told that they were only accepting orders for take out, so bummer! but not long after that we passed by Don Henrico's and since we were both craving some good old pizza and pasta, we went in.

If I know Batch, and I think I know her pretty well, she'll almost never pass up on having a salad. So we shared an order of their Summer Salad with vinaigrette dressing. Batch didn't like it that the dressing was just on the side and that it was too oily. I didn't like the Salad because the veggies and fruits used weren't that crisp or fresh anymore. We both agreed that Gumbo's Four Seasons Salad still topped our Salad list.

Spicy Seafood Tutto de Mare 
Php 280.00 or $ 6.35

Another thing we have in common is our love for spicy food so we shared an order of their Spicy Seafood Tutto de Mare. When I read in the menu that it was "spicy" I was thinking that it really was. Imagine to my amusement or chagrin that they just placed a red chili pepper on top as garnishing and the pasta wasn't spicy at all!

Despite the spicy issue fail, I fell in love with this. It had plenty of shrimp, and squid and the Pasta was cooked al dente, or maybe my mind was fooling around with me because the Salad was such a let down that I am overly raving about this. Good thing Batch agrees that their Tutto de Mare was a winner, they just need to tone down the oiliness, see?

Don Henrico's "10 Supreme Pizza 
Php 280.00 or $ 6.35

The last order to be served was their Supreme Pizza, which is nothing spectacular or different from other pizza I've tasted but it's good enough and hey! they don't scrimp on the toppings.

Here's an obligatory "taking a pizza slice out" shot for you. I've seen a lot of these shots in other blogs and websites that it makes me want to try it for myself. Not nearly a great shot but you can see how gooey the cheese is. I know I'll improve in time, just like how I'd like to improve my drink shot skills. We had their bottomless iced tea for Php 70.00 or $ 1.58, it was nothing special like The Kebab Factory's iced tea so I figured there's no need to take a shot of it.

Overall, I felt that I wasn't wowed enough by their food except for the Tutto de Mare which still needs a little improvement, or maybe we just made a bad selection, any Don Henrico's lovers out there? What are your staple orders and favorites from their menu? Which ones should we order and avoid?

Don Henrico's
Location: G/F North Wing Entertainment MallSM Mall of Asia, SM Central Park Bay, Pasay City
Phone: (02) 556-2848
Website: Don Henrico's
Delivery: Yes. Minimum order of P500.00. Delivers in 30 - 45 minutes.
Estimated Budget: ~P250.00/meal
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit Card
Business Hours: 10:00AM to 10:00PM Daily

Your pig out buddy,

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