Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My New Year's Food/Health/Wellness Resolutions

I know I don't post pictures of myself all over my blog posts and some of you may not even know what I look like, if you're curious enough you can take a peek at my "About The Author" page. Now, if I say I was really a thin person back then, would you believe me?

I am! I mean, I was! Growing up until my College days, I was the normal size, but I don't know, stress, coupled with sleeplessness and deadlines might have caught up with me. The late night snacks while cramming for thesis, soda galore, food tripping and the lack of will and time to exercise finally resulted into me gaining more and more.

I'm not really trying to be a 100% health buff now, come on, I run a food blog right? BUT at least today I thought of some things that might help me get started down the healthy lane or just be a healthier, and happier foodie this 2011.

1. Make more home cooked meals
This way, it's a win win situation. I can get to spend less because, let's admit it, dining out takes it toll on your wallet and I can cook my food just the way I like it, no disappointed or unmet expectations.
2. Be a vegetarian once a week
I do eat my veggies when they're available, but I think I eat them often enough. Looking back on my eating pattern, it's always meat, processed food and junk food, no wonder I bloat up so easily. So this 2011, I must and need to eat a vegetarian meal maybe every middle of the week. I hope I can stick up to this.
3. Cut down on the salt
I love flavors, seasonings and spices. I love them so much that I can't control the amount I use and consume. BF says I've deteriorated my taste bud, what's salty for him is sometimes just right for me. This isn't a good thing right? So when cooking at home and if possible also when dining out, I'll make more conscious efforts and choices to cut down on my salt and even MSG intake.
4. Eat breakfast
Working at home as a Software QA Specialist was a dream job because it seemed I had all the time in the world, but when that ended, my regular daily breakfast routine was ruined and next year when I'm back in the corporate world again, I want to still be able to not skip on the most important meal of the day. I must, need and will find time for it.
5. Eat only as much as I need
Whether just eating at home, dining out or doing a restaurant review, I promise myself not to overeat. I know by now that I can just have the excess wrapped up to go so why bother stuffing myself silly and feeling so bloated afterwards right?
6. Drink WATER!!!
I have been so bad to my body, always opting for bottomless iced tea or coke,that I can't seem to drink enough water to hydrate myself. It doesn't help that my mother runs a Soda/Beer wholesale and retail business, our house is practically full of the stuff I'm trying to avoid! You'd think by now I'd get fed up with soda? Sadly no, but I will really really try to lessen drinking carbonated drinks and stick to plain, good, ice cold water.
7. Go on a detox diet
I'm not yet sure how, which or when but I want to go on a detox diet even just once for 2011. With all the processed food I've been eating, I'm sure my body will thank me for it. 
8. Try new and healthier cuisines 
Like my detox diet plan, this idea is also still foggy, but I want to taste all there is to try and I know there are still a lot of cuisines I have yet to try, like Korean for example.
9. Make sure to work out the amount of food I pigged out on
Again, I'm not trying to become a sudden 100% health buff here, but for a change I'd really like to do something productive after pigging out instead of just idling around and gaining more pounds for it. The jogging and badminton sessions with BF has been on and off this year so I hope in 2011 it will be a more regular thing for us, even just once a week. I'm so bad at jogging that my knees hurt and feel like they're gonna fall off or crack after just 30 mins. That's how bad in shape I am. I might even finally enroll in a gym this coming year.
10. Oh wait, I've run out of ideas! Have you got any that I haven't listed down yet? Any personal health and wellness goals for yourself this 2011? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations regarding my list above? Be sure to drop me a comment below and share your thoughts. 

Here's to hoping and planning for a better and hopefully healthier me in 2011. I'm not expecting to go back wafer thin but I just want to have more and do more health conscious choices for my benefit. Cheers!

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Your pig out buddy,

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  1. I prefer this comment box. Ang hirap nung IntenseDebate!

    Anyway, I like your list. Only attainable if you have self-discipline. Ang hirap! Hehe
    For#10, how about avoid softtdrinks? =)


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