Friday, December 31, 2010

Pig Out Session's Favorites For 2010!

As 2011 is only a few hours away 1hour away, I thought of summing up the best of my pig out adventures for this year, price, availability and location notwithstanding, I'll still find a way just to have another bite. So here it is, in no particular order, Pig Out Session's food favorites for 2010!

This is in fact a favorite of mine and my BFF and pig out buddy, Batch. The greens and fruits are always fresh and crisp, plus you'll be amazed how well coated everything is, the dressing had that wonderful sweet and tangy taste you can't just get enough of. Other salads fail in comparison to this.

BF and I are starting to get adventurous and are cooking more and more aside from his signature Crab Rice. Who knew onion rings are so cheap and easy to make? To think restaurants charge a lot for those. A simple onion rings making session, followed by another one paved the way to make me realize how addicting these little devils can be. Next year maybe I'll try making beer battered ones as well.

This dish is quite tricky, the first time I've tasted this, I got so full even though I wanted to finish my share. The second time around, BF and I devoured everything down. Both occasions their Seafood Jambalaya never failed to meet my expectations. I love how plenty the seafood are, how spicy it really is when they say "spicy" and how sticky and flavorful the rice was. Batch and I also love this, and even though all the impression I could get out of BF was "it was good", his empty plate afterwards gave me a very clear answer.

It's no big revelation that Chum and I are big time Japanese cuisine lovers, after quitting the office working environment and doing work at home for a Systems Development company, BF and I really missed this place and their food. That's why even though their ramen is super sized (I have tried it before and didn't finish it), we asked it to be split into two and we happily sipped, chewed and polished off everything, down to the last fishcake.

I believe their sushi platter will always be an all time favorite of BF and mine, this year and the years to follow. Freshly hand made and hand rolled authentic Japanese sushi, none of those fusion stuff that sometimes fail to impress. My most favorite of all is the one filled with fish roe, I'm glad that BF loves me very much that he allows me to be the one to eat this, the sweet, delicate popping action while you nibble it down is very amusing and addictive.

Since I am trying to live a wee bit healthier for 2011, I bet this Horchata would be a perfect replacement for sodas and bottomless iced teas I usually order. I just hope it's healthier than iced tea, I think I need to research first, BUT this drink tops all other drinks for 2010, you can virtually pair it with the spiciest dish and it will soothe you after every sip, or gulp. I love how it's the perfect flavor neutralizer and yet it tastes so good itself.

I don't eat yogurt that much and I haven't tried every (expensive) yogurt place there is but I can vouch for this yogurt. The consistency is very thick and creamy. The taste is more tangy and has that little bit of sweetness, plus the most awesome thing about this is I get to put in and fill it up with what I want, so even if I always end up paying quite a sum, I know it's worth it.

This place is where affordable meets yummy. I am so addicted to their noodle soups that each time I visit with the BF, we always order it. Their noodle soups have that very rich, and comforting flavor, the noodles always have the right firmness. Next year, one of my wish is to even try half of their noodle soup variety.

Yes, a favorite food of mine need not be expensive, exotic or fancy looking. Sometimes all it has to have is that factor that it always hit the right spot. Batch wanted to try this so bad that when she finally did, she remarked something like "She enjoyed it and will just pretend she was sick" (Because you know, this is what sick people usually eat to feel better), too bad she really did felt under the weather a few days after, but Chum's arroz caldo has long been since wiped out clean.

I found this so good that I nibbled and relished what was left after getting home. I know I love my Whopper, but make way! This burger might just have taken a thrown in my top most favorite burger. Very juicy, moist and flavorful. The Sweet Potato Fries are also a breakthrough winner, I can have this every time instead of french fries now.

I have tried Dencio's, Gerry's and Conggo Grille's but Giligan's crunchy, creamy, and yummy sisig beats them hands down. Oh no, I'm making myself hungry, sometimes it's hard to maintain a food blog like this.

So, I guess that's it. All my favorites for 2010 summed up for you. I hope this will be a yearly thing for me, and that my food adventures for next year will be broader and yummier. How about you dear readers? What are your food favorites for 2010? Any dish home made, given or ordered in a restaurant that stands out from the rest? Do share them here, I would love to know!

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Your pig out buddy, 

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