Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BBB Big Better Burgers

Chum and I found ourselves in the mall (as always). I was just actually accompanying him to order a new processor since his broke down. It was under warranty of course and we had it checked, but one of the pins was already missing and that meant the warranty was voided.

SM Fairview was somehow under a major renovation since all the tech shops moved to the 4th floor and as we were passing along the 3rd floor which was a work in progress since all of the health and wellness shops will be relocated there, we were pleasantly surprised to see a lone burger shop against all those health and wellness shops, can I say combo breaker? :)

The place was actually quite small and cramped, but the interiors were warm and inviting. The large photos of their burgers hanged on to their walls will definitely make hungry customers drool so badly. I knew I sorta did!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Made Pizza

Chum and I decided earlier this week to try out baking. It was either we try making lasagna or pizza. We opted to make pizza first since we figured it was easier to make, I mean what can go wrong right? Haha! Wrong! Good thing we bought 2 pizza doughs, because as much as it embarrasses me, I'd have to admit the 1st dough's bottom was burned charcoal black!

Our fault was that, we had it in the oven too long, we were waiting for the bacon strips to brown and the cheese to melt more, but we didn't notice the bottom of the dough was burning until I smelled it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ice Cream House Sa North Fairview

Oreo Flurry
P65.00 or $1.45

It was one of those sweltering days. Chum and I were just about to go home after pigging out at Mey Lin Pot and Noodle House, unexpectedly Chum took a detour which I pleasantly agreed with. It was just one of those days that helping yourself to some good old ice cream seems like the only way to take the edge off.

There were quite a lot of choices so after a few minutes Chum ordered Oreo Flurry for him, which by the way looked so freakishly divine! It's such an eye candy that I can just stare at it indefinitely. I mean, Oreo, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, scoops of ice cream, champola stick and a succulent cherry on top! That's just awesome. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My First Taste Of BreadTalk

Choco Chip Hokkaido P91.00 or $2.02
Pizza Bread P47.00 or $1.04
Fire Flosss P54.00 or $1.20
Smart Aleck P39.00 or $0.86
Tiger Chocolate Slice P39.00 or $0.86
Tiger Vanilla Slice P39.00 or $0.86
Hawaiian Pizza P68.00 or $1.51
Garlic Sausage Pizza P68.00 or $1.51

I've heard and read comments of a lot of people raving about BreadTalk. It's somewhat embarrassing to admit but I've only finally gotten to taste some of their breads just this July. Batch and I were so full after having a Japanese cuisine lunch that we agreed we would only eat bread until the next day.

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