Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happiness Can Be Delivered!

If you can't buy happiness, why not get it delivered to you by someone else via courier? *wink*

If you remember, some time ago I posted about Mad About Food's contest. Guess what? I was won of the lucky winners, all due to Joy's and Bea's (her daughter)  generosity. There was some problem with sending out the coupons because I never really got it (an isolated problem but postal service here in our country need to straighten up their act). I was a bit hesitant at first to inform Ms. Joy but I felt I owe her the truth because I promised to inform her the minute I received the coupons she sent out. She was so understanding and kind about the whole thing, and promised to send another batch of coupons to me. 

So fast forward to earlier today, our helper called for me from my room telling me that there's a package from LBC. Before I went to see what it was I knew it had it be the coupons, and I was right. I hurriedly opened it and found 8 coupons and Ms. Joy's note for me. I quickly messaged her through Facebook. I even had a boo boo moment because the courier was really AIR21 and not LBC as our helper said. :)

So now, I've got 8 coupons for Reyes Barbecue and BF and I have some serious pig out sessions to do. Expect it on my future posts! I'd like to thanks Ms. Joy again for the kindness and generosity, I know 8 coupons may not mean that much to other people but I rarely get to win contests and see people go out of their way for me. Thank you. :)

Please visit Ms. Joy's blog, Mad About Food. She is one of my favorite food bloggers, as she takes the most appetizing photos and she's one of the reasons why I still keep my Multiply account.

Your pig out buddy,

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