Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's My Birthday! And Other Announcements

Hi folks! Just a few announcements. First off, today happens to be my birthday [Yay!!!],  second is that I'll probably be busy the following weeks adjusting to my new work. 

To those who know a little bit more about me, you surely know that I had worked at home for about 1 year after being an office based girl for the previous year. Sadly, my work at home experience ended on a sour note. The last quarter of my 2010 was a bit gloomy and uncertain that I was in 7th heaven when I received very good news and answered prayers from God days before my birthday. 

So while I try to adjust from full time work at home Software QA Specialist into an office based Software QA Analyst II, please forgive me if I ever kind of take it easy here with my blog. I will definitely try to keep up with blogging and blog hopping and posting my entries for memes like Food Trip Friday or Weekend Eating. My passion for food and blogging will always be there but I just have much more important things to deal with right now. :)

Oh, and if ever there's anyone who happens to come across this post of mine, and you're at the point of your life where you feel you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, or if you are facing any other kind of problems right now, know that every problem is temporary. Know that God hears you when you pray and ask for help, know that He will answer your prayers at the right time, know that you are not alone and you just need to have faith.

This is not a blog hiatus warning, I'll surely be back. See you on my next pig out sessions. :)

Your pig out buddy,
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