Monday, March 14, 2011

World Class Persian Kabab. Yes, AGAIN!

Any food that makes a big impact on me is sort of like an LSS [Last Song Syndrome]. I go back again and again just to have a taste of it until the day I get fed up, if that's even possible at all.  This food doesn't need to be expensive nor exotic. It can even come from a hole in the wall place. I only look for 3 things, which sadly is sort of hard to find these days altogether. 1. Cleanliness. 2. Great Service. 3. Awesome food.

Lamb Biryani with Rice
PHP 250.00 or $ 5.74

BF and I went back and much as I wanted to savor and relish their wonderful Beef Chello Kabab again, for my blog's and the foodie in me's sake. I tried something different. Lamb. Hehe laugh all you want, maybe some of you have already eaten lamb meat numerous times, well it was kind of my first time so I wasn't sure how it would taste.

The lamb meat was soft and a little bit juicy. It had just a very subtle flavor which is opposite the rich and strong flavor of the Beef Kabab. It was very new to my taste buds so I don't know if I liked it or not. It comes with some sauce, veggie salad side dish and PLENTY OF RICE. How plenty? Good enough for two people, which I tried to gobble down all by myself. :)

BF and I shared some extra grilled tomatoes which I had a hard time finishing given the large serving quantity of my order alone. 

Beef Chello Kabab
PHP 160.00 or $ 3.68

As usual, BF had this as his staple order. I was even regretful for a moment because I craved for the wonderful Beef Kabab. Good thing BF was sweet and shared his Kabab to me.

PHP 45.00 or $ 1.03

I've admitted in the past that I really am not a fan of hummus. I thought that by this time, I actually might like it. Looks like my second attempt to at least appreciate hummus was a fail. I don't like chickpeas [garbanzos] in my halo-halo, so I guess I won't like it mashed up form as well.

PHP 10.00 or $ 0.23

Turns out, BF also couldn't appreciate the hummus and I ended up trying to polish off at least half of it. Good thing only one pita was served instead of the two we ordered. :)

Strawberry Yogurt Shake
PHP 65.00 or $ 1.49

I ordered this for my drink and asked BF if he wanted one as well. He declined. When my shake was served he sure helped me in making it disappear fast. Hehe, I don't know why BF does that to me most of the time. Maybe next time I'll just order 2 drinks for both of us, just in case. :)

1. Cleanliness? CHECK.
2. Awesome Food? If I base it on the Beef Chello Kabab only, then CHECK.
3. Great Service? Sadly our orders were kind of messed up on our second visit together. The waiting staff that attended to us was new as she had informed. Even though she wrote down all the orders, our extra rice with butter and 2 pieces of pita orders were forgotten and we had to follow it up. It turned out to be sort of a good thing because I polished off most of the hummus and [requested for only 1] pita by myself. When we asked for the bill, the forgotten extra rice with butter was doubled. Good thing they removed it upon Chum's notification.

If you are a fan of lamb meat, don't let me stop you from trying it out. I'm just not really used to eating it so I can't advice or have any say on how good it really is. Despite the service boo boo, I'm still finding myself craving for their oh so juicy and oh so tasty Beef Kabab. Would there be a third visit? I guess that depends on how badly I need my Beef Kabab fix. Till the next pig out sessions!

World Class Persian Kabab

Location and Phone:
World Class Persian Kabab
#1 E. Rodriguez Ave. cor. Tomas Morato,
Quezon City
Website: None found so far
Delivery: None that I know of
Estimated Budget: ~P200.00/meal
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: 12:00MN - 12:00MN Daily

Your pig out buddy,
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