Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A "Diamond" In The Rough

Perusing our refrigerator on a late Friday night, I saw a whole tray of what seemed like Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. I had to make a double take, These were no Ferrero Rocher Chocolates but rather Diamond Chocolates, a brand I've only come across just that night. Upon closer inspection it seemed that the only notable differences would be the swirls and stickers on top of each piece.

My sweet tooth won me over and soon I found myself hastily unwrapping the whole tray which was stubbornly taped well. I was about to give up because the lid wouldn't even budge, but after a few more minutes I finally opened it!

Unwrapping a piece, it was clear as daylight that it indeed looked like a Ferrero Rocher inside as well. Biting into it, I could taste the familiar combination of milk chocolate, nut croquante or maybe a thin casing of wafer, and a whole hazelnut (or was it almond?) inside. Taste and texture wise, Ferrero Rocher is undoubtedly the winner for me, but how can I and who am I to say no to these babies specially if they've been patiently been waiting for me to relish them? and I did. :)

Your pig out buddy,
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