Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Restaurant Review: Munchers Inc.

Chili Con Carne Rice Bowl
PHP 79.00 or $ 1.82

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a restaurant food and service review invitation a few weeks ago for Munchers Inc. So I did a little search on Google to see how many people have dined and given their reviews online. My interest got really piqued with the glowing reviews online so I said YES! We were a bit late on the day of the review, no thanks to the unpredictable traffic. Good thing that the management still waited for us. :P

Chum and I met Floyd, and his girlfriend, who are both part owners of the restaurant. After a few chit-chats he let us decide for ourselves what we were fancying in their menu, but we weren't allowed to choose fish fillet or fries since they had a surprise for us. You probably know by now that I could not resist a good Chili Con Carne, and I didn't. Their Chili Con Carne, pictured above, is served with rice. It was rich in taste, just like how I want it. A little bit of spiciness would make their Chili Con Carne even more perfect for me.

Papaya & Cucumber Shakes (With Milk)
PHP 40.00 or $ 0.92

They also make shakes, but they use the real fruits and not just fruit flavored powders, which is a big plus for me! BF had the papaya shake with milk. I had a sip or two, just because it was creamy and just right, you won't gag and get the feeling of sugar overload in your system. The cucumber shake with milk was my thirst quencher for that night, it's actually my first time to try cucumber in shake form, but I got hooked after just a few sips. The bits of skin added a much welcome diversity to my shake, I figure this would even be better when enjoyed on a hot, sunny day.

Chicken Fillet Rice Bowl
PHP 79.00 or $ 1.82

Chum went for their chicken fillet, probably because he wanted to size up how good Munchers Inc.'s version is compared to his. His verdict? He finished all the contents of his bowl. :) The good thing about their chicken fillet is that the breading had just the right thickness and flavor, which complemented the juicy chicken strips inside.

They served their chicken fillet with a generous helping of their specially made gravy, which BF raved about so much, he even mentioned that the gravy was like that of Jollibee's. That coming from a man who doesn't like adjectives and unnecessary flowery words in his vocabulary. 

Fish and Chips Platter
PHP 250.00 - 300.00 or $ 5.77 to 6.92

This was the reason why Floyd stopped me from ordering my Chili Fries. They were going to offer their fish and chips, platter size to their customers. They wanted to get the opinions or reactions of their invited guests first, to make the conclusion if it was a go or no go. 

If they were to ask Chum and I, all signals point green. It's definitely a go! PHP250.00 to PHP300.00 might seem a steep price but wait till you take a look on how generous they are with their serving! I remembered our pig out disaster on Icebergs' Fish and Chips. Compared to that measly and mediocre attempt at fish and chips, Munchers Inc.'s version is my Achilles' heel, my creme de la creme, my holy grail in Fish and Chips. I don't think I'd want to try any other Fish and Chips version than this.

Serving wise, they just need to maybe put the fish fillets and chips side by side, so the customers can see both immediately, instead of placing the fillets on the bottom. Flavor wise? It's the bomb! They've flavored their chips rightly so, with just the right amount of saltiness. The fish fillet had just the right thickness of breading, it was crunchy outside but soft and moist inside. I love it that the fish isn't dry or funny tasting in any way. Chum and I relished this dish but at the end of our meal, I was begging him to take the last darn fillet, just because I was so darn full. :)

Their fish and chips comes with their specially made dip. It was the perfect dip for the perfect fish and chips. I don't know what it had in particular (it's a secret concoction) but it was very addicting. BF and I found ourselves dipping before every bite, heck! He even dipped some of his chicken fillet.  I now understand a commenter's review on MunchPunch that they should have their dip patented. :)

It's really nice to discover more restaurants that don't price their food sky-high and yet serve top quality food and warm service to their customers. I'm really happy that I said yes to Floyd's invite. BF and I are already plotting a come back, he wants to try their La Paz Batchoy, while I am craving for their Fish and Chips Platter. I just can't get it off my mind! Dangnabbit, see you on my next pig out sessions!

Munchers Inc.

Location and Phone: 
55 Maginhawa St., U.P. Vill., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 547-0156
Website: None found, but they have a Facebook Page HERE
Delivery: None yet
Estimated Budget: ~P100.00/meal
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: 10:00AM to 11:00PM Mondays to Saturdays

Your pig out buddy,
Full Disclaimer: Chum and I had no knowledge or previous dining experience at Munchers Inc. prior to the invitation. We paid for all food and drinks consumed except for the fish and chips platter which was on the house. I was not paid and will not accept payment for this review, as always, I just blog it as it is.
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