Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Not So Funny Experience at Funny Funny

Beef Bowl
PHP 120.00 or $ 120.00

Pardon the redundant title, but this one's for real. My officemates and I found ourselves with the usual dilemma everyday, where to eat? So while we were wandering aimlessly, we saw this restaurant that at far, looked like Kenny Rogers Roasters, but it wasn't. They had a "Pre-Opened" sign up front but we went inside anyway. :)

Two of my officemates ordered a Beef Bowl, while I ordered a bowl of Ramen and Mung Bean Pancakes for myself. One by one the orders of the developers arrived, but none from my orders. After quite a few more minutes of waiting, the server gave me a Beef Bowl as well.

Weird right? Well, according to our server, both of my orders were unfortunately unavailable that day, and they overlooked it that's why they're giving me the extra Beef Bowl on the house. I actually felt that I was being deceived. They probably just prepared an extra unwanted order, but I'm just making a wild guess here. I was hungry, it was the only thing available plus it's on the house, even though they didn't even inform me that my order was unavailable and let me order a different thing instead of forcing the Beef Bowl on me, I just accepted it and dug in.

Surprisingly the Beef Bowl was good. The beef was reminiscent of Red Kimono's Katsudon. The beef strips were very flavorful and not chewy at all! The rice was generously topped with assorted vegetables, egg, and nori strips drizzled with a pleasantly sweet sauce.

PHP 20.00 or $ 0.47

No I didn't order or tried to taste this, kimchi and I don't get along too well, it's an acquired taste I will never get used to, ever.  For a side order this seems cheap enough. The only gripe of my officemate was that it was too spicy, he didn't finish the whole serving, but hey, kimchi is meant to be over-the-top hot right? but of course I may be totally wrong.

Napa Wraps Pork with Rice
PHP 150.00 or $ 3.50

I didn't really get why the dish was called "napa wraps". My officemate was also puzzled by the presentation of his order since the napa cabbage slices were too big. I figure he should have used the napa cabbage slice as a wrapper and stuffed in the pork, rice and kimchi inside? Well, it's too late for correcting that but at least he liked this dish, he even kept praising how good the pork slices were. Again, the kimchi was left unfinished. :)

Seafood Ramen
PHP 130.00 or $ 3.03

To my surprise, the Seafood Ramen surfaced a few minutes after being served my consolation Beef Bowl. The server told me that they apparently still had Seafood Ramen. In cases like that, I think the restaurant should have asked the customer first if the order is still a go, instead of also serving it and over-stuffing the customer with the complimentary Beef Bowl and add a big bowl of Seafood Ramen to that.

Sadly, the Seafood Ramen was very average. In fact it seemed like it was something taken out of an instant noodles pack and just transferred into a bowl, I kid you not. Go buy yourself a pack of Nong Shim cup noodles and you got yourself the perfect replica of their Seafood Ramen. I felt so dismayed and for PHP 130.00 it definitely wasn't worth it.

So I guess it was still a good thing that the management gave me a freebie since I would have been gravely disappointed if I was served the Seafood Ramen alone. If there's any lesson that we've learned from our dining experience in Funny Funny, don't dine at restaurants in their pre-opening stage, everything might and will go wrong. There might be some more awesome food waiting to be ordered in their menu, but I don't wanna risk it. For a Korean - Japanese themed restaurant it's also quite funny that they don't serve sushi. If ever they do serve it, and I hear it's kick-ass, I guess that'll be only thing that might make me go back. See you on my next pig out session!

Funny Funny

Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Website: None found
Delivery: No information found
Estimated Budget: ~P150.00/meal
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: No information found

Your pig out buddy,

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