Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Made Dynamite Cheese Sticks aka Bazooka a la Chum

First attempt, actually. Chum calls this bazooka but it's also known as dynamite cheese sticks all over the web. The only twist is that Chum puts in slivers of crab stick inside each piece of carefully wrapped green finger chili.

How to make, you ask? It's super duper easy!

Dynamite Cheese Sticks aka Bazooka a la Chum

  • Green finger chilis
  • Artificial crab stick strips
  • Cheddar cheese strips
  • Lumpia wrapper
  • Cooking oil for frying

Cooking Instructions:
  • Wash the green finger chilis
  • Make a lengthwise cut for each chili, carefully remove the seeds
  • Stuff each chili with crab stick strips and cheddar cheese
  • Wrap each stuffed green finger chili as you would when wrapping lumpiang shanghai or turon
  • NOTE: Fry the rolls in high heat until the wrapper turns golden brown
  • Let excess oil drip on kitchen paper towel. Best eaten while still piping hot :)

I cannot stress this enough, fry in high heat! Hehe, because that's the part where we failed. Chum cooked the rolls in low fire for an extended amount of time. So the stuffed chilis turned out to be literally melt in your mouth. Sad, but at least the crispy wrapper, and awesome combination of sweet crab stick and oozing melted cheddar cheese makes up for our major cooking boo boo. Oh well, at least we know what not to do on our second attempt. Do you have your own version of dynamite cheese sticks? Care to share any tips? I'd surely love to know! See you on our next pig out session! :)

Your pig out buddy,

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