Monday, September 12, 2011

ACS Office Lunch Party from CCME Homemade Foodstuff Co.

Fish in Mayonnaise (Lapu-Lapu or Red Grouper)
PHP 700.00 or USD 16.35

What I missed about office based work is the frequent pig out sessions for multitudes of reasons, or some times lack of it! Last Friday was no exception, we were literally drowning with tons of food our team ordered from CCME Homemade Foodstuff Co. to celebrate [I believe to be about] 3 birthdays, and the last working day for one of our SQAs.

The Lapu-Lapu in mayo has got to my favorite out of all the dishes ordered. The fish was moist and flaky plus it jived well with the mayonnaise, plus the diced vegetables and grated cheese aren't for decorations only, as it makes each spoonful more flavorful and add interesting textures to the palate. 

Pork Roast Slices
PHP 650.00 or USD 15.18

Sadly, this was tad bit too salty for my liking and the pork was a bit hard to cut with disposable plastic utensils. Oh well, moving on. :)

PHP 700.00 or USD 16.35

Since I don't eat tripe, I made do with the sauce and the veggies. CCME's Kare-Kare was good enough, although I would have wanted the sauce to be a wee bit nuttier. Just my two cents. [Why do I feel I have a pessimistic comment for almost every other food I eat?] :P

Chicken Barbecue
PHP 580.00 or USD 13.54

Maybe it was because the Chicken BBQ was cold by the time we finally got to eat, but boy oh boy the meat was tough! Flavor wise, it was the bomb! I guess this would have been enjoyed better when it was hot off the grill, wouldn't you agree?

Young Corn and Friends
PHP 385.00 or USD 8.99

Scrap the title, it's an inside joke. :) At first glance you might think it's macaroni soup, but it's not. This was a refreshing and may I add, healthier variety from the meat overload we were having. I specially loved the crunchy jicama slices and enormous button mushroom slices at every bite!

PHP 500.00 or USD 11.68

The lasagna could have easily fooled me. It looked like a cassava cake generously topped with grated cheese. This was the first dish to be wiped out clean but I doubt that the ones who ate their lasagna were even happy about it, it lacked character and spice. Even Garfield would disapprove. Oh, apologies for the blurred shots, I had to take photos before the food gets dissected.

Even though not every dish passed our own individual picky standards, it doesn't mean we didn't enjoy sitting down, chatting nonstop, taking too many flattering and unflattering photos and pigging out until we could not take another darned bite. It was a nice, easy going and care free day, and even though we had to bid farewell to a colleague, it was a warm sendoff that I'm sure will be always remembered. Until the next pig out sessions. :)

CCME Homemade Foodstuff Co.

Location and Phone: 
111 Dr. Lazcano Street, Q.C. Near corner T. Morato, FEBTC Quezon city, Philippines
928-2765 / 929-9598/ 410-7228 / 410-4521
Easy Call 141-250561
Delivery: Yes 
Estimated Budget: ~P400.00 or higher per dish 
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: No data

Your pig out buddy,

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