Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pig Out Sessions In Boracay: 888 Restaurant

Imagine yourself away from the busy world that is the city life. Imagine, even just for a moment the sound of the waves, the feel of the cool ocean breeze, the sound of light, easy and genuine laughter all around you as you close your eyes. Just let yourself go, unwind and take in all the beauty around you.

Ah, peace. Everything's so tranquil and perfect with your vacation. You've come to a place as far as this, to live in your own little paradise even just for a short span of time. Now, I'm sure you wouldn't want to ruin that with fast food dining right? No, please don't. While you're in paradise, make sure you dine like royalty.

Seafood Soup PHP200.00 or USD 4.57. For starters, why don't you mellow down with a hearty and undeniably delicious bowl of steaming soup. Every piece of shrimp, clam and squid evidently fresh at each bite and zip. The generously added bell peppers and spring onions jives well with the rich coconut milk soup base that you can't help but ask for seconds. Now, isn't this the life?

Lechon Kawali PHP 250.00 or USD 5.71. Now you get the ball rolling as you order a helping of crispy,succulent and perfectly cooked lechon kawali. You know it's a health risk but what the heck, you throw caution to the wind and savor each juicy piece of pork and know that it was worth it.

Curry Prawns PHP 500.00 or USD 11.43 (PHP100.00/100g). Feeling a teensy bit guilty, you ask for something with veggies to take away some of the guilt but who were you kidding? With every bite you relish the strong and ambrosial aligue (fat) of those fresh giant shrimps that coats every bit of vegetable. You don't know if this was supposed to be a healthy option, but you don't fuss over it.

After all you are on vacation, paradise isn't the place to think through about your worries or fret about every half-hearted decision. Paradise is a place where you relax, have fun, and dine like royalty. Well of course, just remember to take everything in moderation. See you on my next pig out sessions! :)

Photo credits to Batch

Location and Phone:
D'mall Boracay, Philippines
Website: None found
Delivery: No 
Estimated Budget: ~P150.00-P600.00/meal
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: 10:00AM - 9:00PM Daily (Estimate Hours Only)

Your pig out buddy,

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