Monday, October 24, 2011

Office Packed Lunch [Series]: Home Made Sushi

Yes, I'm still alive. It's not that I'm running out of my creative juices, it's just that my food blog had to have to take the backseat for the meantime while I prioritize more responsibilities at the moment. So let me leave you with my favorite and fail-safe packed lunch option. Home made sushi baby!

Just use canned tuna, and make sure it's drained of excess liquid and add more fillings of your choice. I like mine with ripe mango slivers and cucumber strips. If only I bought crab stick meat as well...

Just place the Japanese seaweed sheet, the shiny part facing down, on your bamboo mat. Add  a layer of prepared sushi rice, top it with the fillings of your preference and just roll away! You can even put the wasabi at this part, but I prefer my sushi with lotsa mayo in it. *Diet? Never heard* :)

My packed sushi lunch would even be better if only I know where to buy fish roe. If you know where to buy, feel more than welcome to drop me the details, I'll forever be grateful! I really do miss food blogging and I promise I'll see you all soon enough. See you on my next pig out sessions. :)

Your pig out buddy,

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